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Move The Crowd

marketing engagement, move the crowd

I spend a lot of time doing competitor benchmarking for clients. And one of the first things that always jumps out is which companies are squarely focused on marketing.  

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Year in Review 2014

Year in review 2014, rearview mirror

How to reach more customers? When I think about the biggest challenge faced by small businesses this year, it was how to find a way to improve marketing performance so their products and services actually get noticed amongst all of the noise. 

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Communicating Value To Your Customers

craftsmanship, communicating value to customers, luxury products

Why is your product or service worth X amount of dollars? How would that answer differ if you asked current or prospective customers?

There are an infinite number of choices out there. No matter how narrow your niche or specialized your offerings are, there’s a pretty good chance you are competing for the attention spans of your target audience along with countless other competitors. All the time. 

Why should they buy from you?

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