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3 Excellent Email Marketing Examples

email newsletter examples, don't delay

You’ve grown your email marketing list. Great!

Now you just need to make sure your newsletter actually gets opened, read, and that your content helps you generate more brand awareness and helps you drive sales.

Here’s the challenge--a lot of businesses (and I mean a lot) are jumping onto the email marketing bandwagon.

That means you’re going to have to bring your “A game” if you’re going to stand out. 

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Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices

customer experience strategy best practices, customerCustomer experience. It’s what separates the great businesses from the hacks. The happy customers from the angry and frustrated. It’s the moment of truth.  

The second a prospective customer decides to interact with, and potentially buy from, your business, you’re officially on the clock. 

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Sales Prospecting: It’s Not All About You

sales prospecting, phoneSales prospecting isn’t about you. It isn’t about your company, your products and services, or sharing links to your website.

At least not right away. That comes later. Once you’ve established initial contact, developed a rapport, and spent some time learning more about their business, their challenges, and their most pressing needs.

You’ve got limited time to try to establish a connection and get your message across with a prospective client.

But that doesn't mean you should start off with a generic, one-sided pitch as soon as someone picks up the phone or opens an email and you’re pretty much going to sound like lyrics from this Toby Keith song. Come on and sing it with me…

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How To Maximize Your Trade Show Spend

trade show booth, b2b, trade show marketingGive someone a branded stress ball, and your business will be remembered until that stress ball gets thrown out in the hotel room trash.

Create a memory and a unique experience and that’s when you have something special--a meaningful connection that could turn into a potential client or strategic partner.

When done right, trade shows can be an incredibly effective place to generate brand awareness, meet new contacts, and showcase your latest and greatest products and services.

But your success starts long before you arrive at the convention center or hotel ballroom with your spinner and the massive display that’s part origami, part mechanical engineering project.

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Setting Realistic Sales Goals

setting sales goals, charts

What are your goals for sales prospecting? Are you fixated on closing the deal with every interaction, or are you looking for quick wins along the way that will help you ultimately make the sale?

Having the right goals can make or break any sales process. No matter how much you try to qualify your leads ahead of time, the chances of you being able to secure a signed proposal for something big and expensive from one cold call, email, or initial conversation at a networking event are slim at best.

Don’t mistake activity for outcomes. 

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Getting More Targeted Traffic To Your Small Business Website

getting more targeted traffic to your small business website, bullseyeWhen it comes to your small business website, there’s a big difference between generating traffic and generating the right traffic.

You can get tons of hits, but if those hits aren’t coming from your target market you’re going to struggle to attract new customers.

How can you get more targeted traffic? 

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