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Communicating Value To Customers

craftsmanship, communicating value to customers, luxury products

Why is your product or service worth X amount of dollars? How would the answer differ if you asked current or prospective customers?

There are an infinite number of choices out there. No matter how narrow your niche or specialized your offerings are, there’s a pretty good chance you are competing for the attention spans of your target audience along with countless other competitors. All the time. 

Why should they buy from you?

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Providing Superior Customer Service [Case Studies]

breaking the rules for customer serviceSuperior customer service can help businesses retain customers, avoid those nasty online complaints, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Sounds good, right?

So why is customer service consistently so bad at so many companies? 

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"Within three months of working with Shawn our sales tripled."

Scott Imblum, PumpPeelz

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