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5 Must Read Books For Small Business Owners

library shelves 5 must read books for small business owners

Being a small business owner means you generally don’t have access to the same professional development programs offered by bigger companies.

That means you’ve got to take it upon yourself to seek out new resources and knowledge that will help you grow as an entrepreneur.  The books on my list cover a range of topics and are all under 230 pages so that means you can get through them fast and start to implement what you’ve learned in a flash.

Here are my 5 must read books for small business owners...

1. Poke the Box. Sometimes you just get stuck. You’re faced with so much information you don’t know which way to turn. You need to move forward. To start something.

This is the ultimate kick in the pants to help you shake things up.

2. Accidental Genius. When it comes to marketing your small business, your ability to write persuasive and interesting content is HUGELY important.

This book gives you the tools and techniques to help you articulate your best thoughts and ideas.

3. ProBlogger. Starting a small business blog is one thing, managing and maintaining it another.

Authors Daren Rowse and Chris Garret will help you find your niche, figure out what you’re going to write about, and drive readers to your blog.

4. The Thank You Economy. Ecommerce and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk shares his insights and passion to help businesses scale personal, one-on-one attention to their entire customer base.

At a time when customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird, the message in this book couldn’t be more important.

5. Built to Sell. Don’t let the name fool you. Whether you ultimately want to sell or not, this book will help you hone your business practices, think more strategically about your product and service offerings, and generate more value.

If you want to create a business that can thrive without you, this book will show you just what it takes.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up spending all of your time working for your business instead of working on your business.

To keep that from happening, carve out some time each month to focus on your personal and professional growth.

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to learn.

What other business books would you add?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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