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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Website

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When you think about spring cleaning, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Washing the windows? Cleaning out your garage? Pressure washing that patio furniture? Well, you can forget it. After a few months of hibernation, your website wants (needs) your attention.

So while the days start getting a little warmer and the grass starts getting a little greener, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and whip your site back into shape. Here are 5 tips for spring cleaning your small business website:

  1. Remove dead links and outdated info. Click through each and every page on your site, updating, editing, or removing old links and information as you go.
  2. Refresh your look and feel. What might have looked cutting edge two years ago might look a little tired and dated today. If you created your site using a blogging platform such as Wordpress, check out their latest themes to see if anything tickles your fancy. You can also purchase Wordpress templates from sites such as WooThemes, themeforest, and StudioPress or use them as a source for some design inspiration. 
  3. Tighten your content. You have a finite amount of real estate to get your point across. When your paragraphs are too long, people just don’t read them. Therefore, you want to make sure every word on every page of your site has a specific purpose.
  4. Add your most recent customer testimonials. You want to celebrate and showcase successes. Testimonials are a great way of showing potential customers how you and/or your products and services were able to help others who are like them solve a problem.
  5. Replace ineffective calls to action. As you review your website content, look for opportunities to tweak your calls to action based on how well they’ve performed. If you’re not getting a lot of traction, don’t be afraid to mix things up and experiment.   

According to the calendar, spring has officially sprung. For small business owners, that means putting off those household chores just a little while longer so you give your online home the love and attention it deserves. Don’t worry—I promise your windows, garage, and patio furniture can wait. 

How do you get your small business website ready for spring? If you're looking for some new ideas, let's chat.

[Image: Flickr user Jon Gilbert Leavitt]

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