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Attention Grabbing Small Business Signage [Example]

attention grabbing small business signage

Attention grabbing small business signs can come in all shapes and sizes. Take the example from “Bumper Man” pictured above.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been in the market for a used bumper (or a new bumper for that matter), but I still couldn’t help fixating on this sign.

What was it that made it stand out? Was it the bumper attached to the roof of their box truck?  The paint colors? The clear and concise messaging? All of the above?

When it comes to attention grabbing small business signs or in this case a branded vehicle, you need to have the right mix of form and function.

In other words your signage not only needs to look good, but it’s also needs to help you attract more business.

One of the biggest challenges with roadside signs is being able to say whatever it is you want to say without making it impossible to read and digest for any passersby.

At best you only have a few seconds to get your point across so that means you have to make every word (and every second) count.

This is something “Bumper Man” has nailed. In fewer than 10 words, they’ve defined their brand and business, showcased their wide assortment of used bumpers, communicated how to get in touch, and even shared information on pricing.

They didn’t waste time on unnecessary information or imagery—they didn’t have to. Best of all, they were able to do all that without paying for billboard space.

But the clear and concise messaging is only a part of what makes their sign unique. Including the bumper on the hood not only reinforces the “Bumper Man” brand, but it’s also a fun way to pull in their products.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I saw a yellow bumper attached to the top of a vehicle—and for me that’s what makes it totally memorable.

Being smack dab in the middle of Pittsburgh Steeler country, it probably also doesn’t hurt that they’re using a black and yellow paint scheme.

Attention grabbing signage doesn't mean you always need to go huge. Check out this creative example for something on a much smaller scale.

What makes small business signage unique and memorable? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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