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Awesome Foundation Invades Pittsburgh

Awesome Foundation Pittsburgh launch party

Awesome came, Awesome saw, Awesome awarded $2,000 in microgrants. After months of planning, on Tuesday night Pittsburgh became the latest home to the Awesome Foundation, a global network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe. 

For Mike Capsembelis and Matt Gaston, two of the driving forces behind Awesome Pittsburgh, the model was a no brainer for our area. “Pittsburgh has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and sense of community. Lots of great ideas” said Gaston. And he wasn’t kidding. During their first ever round of submissions, they received 71 proposals representing a wide range of topics including art, music, education, and technology—even more impressive when you consider their total was 50 more than the second place city over the same period of time.

Although Awesome chapters typically award one $1,000 grant each month, Awesome Pittsburgh decided to do it up right and give out two to celebrate their Awesome launch. The winning proposals were a pop-up photo booth (hiding a puppet show) by Murphi Cook and a pop-up co-op storefront by Talia Piazza, Christina Robertson, Grant Ervin.

Has all this talk about awesomeness inspired a great idea? If so, Awesome Pittsburgh is accepting submissions for their next award. 

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