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BigCommerce for Wordpress Ecommerce Plugin Review

BigCommerce for Wordpress pluginLooking for an easy and affordable way to add ecommerce shopping cart functionality to your WordPress website? With the BigCommerce WordPress plugin, you can do just that---and a whole lot more.

If you’re like many small businesses, you started out with a WordPress website to get your business online. As you continue to grow, you’re now at a point where you want to add products to your website but you don’t want to have to start completely from scratch or invest thousands of dollars to hire a backend developer.

The BigCommerce for WordPress plugin blends seamlessly with existing WordPress themes although BigCommerce does recommend a cross-browser compatible theme so the theme options sync up better with online store requirements.

To help you save time, we’ve highlighted some of the plugin’s most powerful features based on what we hear working with small business owners every day. Product reviews are conducted independently, but we sometimes make money from link clicks.

Intuitive Ecommerce Dashboard

One of the biggest benefits to the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin is its intuitive dashboard—making it super easy to upload and sync product uploads, manage checkout settings, and more—all from within WordPress.  

BigCommerce for Wordpress plugin dashboard

Customize Product Listings to Match Your Brand

With Customizer, you can quickly change button and text colors to blend with your brand colors—creating a seamless experience for your current and prospective customers.

BigCommerce for Wordpress product customizer

Showcase Product Reviews & Related Products

If there’s one thing Amazon has taught us, it’s that product reviews and social proof are a crucial component to every online shopping experience. Working with small business owners across a number of industries, I’m still surprised by how many still struggle to integrate basic product review and related products functionality into their existing WordPress websites—a huge missed opportunity to capture more conversions and increase average online order value.

BigCommerce for WordPress plugin product reviews

Fast Load Speeds & Gutenberg Ready

Starting in July 2018, Google Starting in July 2018, Google started using mobile page speed as a ranking factor in their mobile search results. With the BigCommerce plugin, your online store can boast the fastest load speeds currently possible with AMP for WordPress enabled on your site.

The plugin was also built to support the class WordPress editor and Gutenberg—a new editing experience built for media rich pages and posts.

Sell Across Multiple Marketplaces

Instead of wasting time uploading your products to various online marketplaces, you can quickly and easily sell across eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Google Shopping, and more. BigCommerce for WordPress plugin features include bulk listing, automatic inventory synching, and fulfillment management.

Adding Ecommerce Software to WordPress

If you’re thinking about adding ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website, the BigCommerce for Wordpress plugin is definitely worth a look. You can experiment with features and get your products online without having to completely redesign your entire website or spend months working with a backend developer to build something custom. Plus, BigCommerce checkouts are PCI compliant—which can limit a huge amount of liability and risk.

Ready to get started? Learn more and try BigCommerce for WordPress

[Image: BigCommerce]

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