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Christopher Walken, Small Business Signs, And Gold-Plated Diapers

Christopher Walken, Small Business Signs

There are small business signs and then there are small business SIGNS. I saw this gem come across my news feed on Facebook earlier today and I couldn’t help basking in its amazingly awesome glow (thanks again to Leigh-Anne Weiss for sharing).

What makes this sign totally badass? Lots of local barber shops and hair salons have walk-ins, but I’m pretty sure this is the only one that accepts Walkens—as in Christopher Walken—as in countless movie credits, a dancing montage in a Fat Boy Slim music video, and last but not least “I’ve got to have more cowbell” Saturday Night Live infamy…

As a small business owner, you’ve got to absolutely love it. Stuff like this allows you to showcase the unique personality of your small business and really have some fun with your marketing efforts.

The folks at Trim Lounge and Jack's Barber Shop weren’t afraid to try something completely different. With one simple image and some clever wordplay, they were able to put a totally unique spin on the whole idea of “walk ins.” And that’s just the kind of stuff that will turn a lot of heads and create a lot of buzz via social media.

What are the two key takeaways for small business owners?

  1. If your customers want more cowbell, you should probably give them more cowbell!
  2. Never question Bruce Dickinson or in this case, Christopher Walken!

What do you think makes a great small business sign?

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[Image: Leigh-Anne Weiss]

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