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Competing with Amazon for B2C Businesses

competing with for B2C businessesFree shipping. Deep discounts. Virtually unlimited product selection. Going toe to toe with the likes of around anything to do with price or delivery is next to impossible. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways your B2C ecommerce website can compete.

Packaging inserts are a great way to build brand awareness and generate revenue and something I’ve written extensively about in the past including this post on delivering exceptional customer service and this post on using product packaging to create amazing customer experiences. Here, we’re going to disect another really effective example from Tory Burch that will give you tangle ideas and tactics that will help you deliver something current and prospective customers will love—something they can’t get from Amazon.

Anytime you shop online, your order typically comes in a bag in a box. Am I right? Every once in a while, you might find some  inserts pushing other products or services but nothing that’s going to get you excited about your order—or make you more likely to keep coming back.

Instead of trying to compete on price or delivery, focus on customer experience. In this case--what happens from the second they get your package until they’re holding your product in their hands., a site for women’s designer apparel, definitely has packaging inserts figured out. When you open the cardboard box, the inside is branded with the Tory Burch logo. A nice touch. And a great way to reinforce brand awareness.

But what I love most about their packaging is the notecard embossed with their logo that starts by saying “Thank You.” Such a simple thing. But something I know I hardly ever see when I order anything online. The note goes on to say they “hope you found exactly what you were looking for” and “that you love it.”

ecommerce packaging insert example

Let that marinate for a second. They could’ve just thrown a catalog in the box pushing some of their other products. But they didn’t. Their messaging was about 1) saying thanks and 2) making sure you found what you were looking for and 3) that you love your purchase. They also took the time to attach the note with a really nice gold seal (also embossed) which, given their focus on women’s designer apparel, really fits their brand.

Even their packing slip, receipt, and return label was neatly tucked away in a white envelope with—you guessed it—an embossed logo.  

But even without the fancy gold seal or embossed card, you can still create an amazing customer experience—one your customers just won’t get from the likes of Whether a handwritten note or something you print off, including a nice, non-salesy message with each purchase will go a long way towards building customer loyalty.

What would you want to say or want your customers to know the second they opened your package?

Picture yourself having a face-to-face conversation. What could you say to get them even more excited?  

How can you reflect the unique personality and brand of your business with your packaging?

This could be anything from the packing materials you use, to how you wrap your product, to the tone of any messaging. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

What other messaging might be helpful?

For example, who I’ve written about in the past, included a diagram of their workflow process from the second you place your order online until your order arrives. They’ve also used their packaging to highlight their sustainable printing practices. Both of which were really nice touches.

Competing with Amazon? Instead of focusing on price or delivery, start with creating an unforgettable customer experience.

Picture your target customers.

Identify a few unexpected touches you can incorporate with your packaging that will bring a smile to their face as soon as they crack open the box.

Something more than a clear plastic bag in a cardboard box.

[Image: Flickr user Public.Resource.Org]

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