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Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Monster Haiku Valentine's Day card

You want to show your customers some love and market your small business around Valentine’s Day. Giving away flowers and chocolate might do the trick, but that can get awfully expensive and even a little creepy.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option that’s bound to be a hit, Valentine’s Day cards might be just what the doctor ordered.

No, I’m not talking about the gushy, overly-sentimental stuff you might find at your neighborhood Hallmark store.

I’m talking about the ones you probably exchanged with your classmates along with those Sweetheart Candies when you were back in elementary school.

The folks from the Monster Haiku Project, a limited-run book release benefiting the March of Dimes, decided to do just that and created their very own original “Monster Valentines” cards.

What I love most about the idea is the fact it’s something practical—something unique that people will actually want to take with them and share with others. By incorporating images and haikus from their forthcoming book, each card aligns perfectly with their brand and what they’re selling.

To encourage visitors to spread the love, they made it easy to download and print additional Monster Valentines from the Monster Haiku site.

Since each card includes their url, recipients are more likely to check them out on the web, learn more about their book project, and print their very own Monster Valentines—generating even more marketing buzz and brand awareness.

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[Image: Monster Haiku]

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