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Delivering Killer Customer Service

Small business thank you example

One Sharpie, the back of a padded envelope, and a few handwritten words on an invoice might be the only thing standing between a ho-hum purchase and leaving your customers smiling from ear to ear. All it takes is a few extra seconds of your time. A little bit of ink. That's all. 

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a blog post about a company that exceeded expectations by providing a $3.00 refund on their shipping cost. The fact that a company was willing to make the adjustment is an example of great customer service in and of itself. Not only did the refund, which was rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, make one customer incredibly happy, it's also what brought me to order my very own 3D Doodle Pad.

And the story of great customer service continued...

When my order arrived in the mail, the first thing that brought a big smile to my face was the big smiley face which greeted me on the back of the padded envelope. A little thing. Totally unexpected. Totally memorable. Totally awesome. The perfect way to make your customers feel really good about their purchase.

When I opened the envelope, I not only found the 3D Doodle Pad (complete with my very own 3D Doodle Pad eyewear), but I also found a nice little handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. What really made it stand out was the fact that it was personalized, not mass produced to look like it was handwritten (which is becoming all too common as small businesses try to cut corners). I also loved the fact that Donnachada used an exclamation point after my name which showed a little enthusiasm and excitement for his product and ended with a squiggly line to give his note a formal close and some personality.

Delivering outstanding customer service is almost always about the little things. I'm not sure how long it took Donnachada to draw the smiley face or write the note, but I'm guessing we're talking less than 30 seconds plus a tiny amount of ink--a small investment when you want to create unforgettable customer experiences. Think about your customer service. What are some little things you can do to make them smile? 


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