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[Free Tool] Blog Topic Generator For Small Businesses

free blog topic generator

Coming up with topics for a business blog can be a huge time drain not to mention incredibly stressful.

You need a catchy title and interesting and relevant blog content for current and prospective customers.

To help get you started and make the process a whole lot easier, the folks over at HubSpot created a free Blog Topic Generator. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, using HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator couldn’t be simpler. 

All you need to do is enter up to 3 terms (preferably nouns)

Click “Give Me the Blog Topics!”

Wait a few seconds

And just like that, you can review their recommendations for a week’s worth of blog post topics...

hubspot blog topic ideas

I’ve tried it a few different times and I have to say most of the suggestions have been pretty good. For example, I entered “mobile technology” as a term and got the following blog topic suggestions…

hubspot blog topic generator

And if a week’s worth of blog topics just isn’t enough, you can sign up to receive enough blog topics to cover an entire year. 

Of course there’s no magic bullet to completely automate the process.

Since they’re using an algorithm to make their recommendations, they suggest reviewing and tweaking titles based on their relevance to your desired terms and also to make sure they’re grammatically correct.

Beyond specific recommendations, the Generator can also be really helpful for determining the right length for your blog post titles (generally around 65 characters), identifying possible keywords to use, and learning how to tease your content so you can grab a reader’s attention.

You can then use those insights to create a list of possible blog topics. Add questions you get from customers and other ideas as they pop up. That way, you can always refer back to them later—especially if you’re ever suffering from writer’s block.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is also a great example of how a business can offer a free resource that not only adds value for current and prospective customers, but also serves as an incredibly effective tool for generating new leads.

Looking for more blog post topic ideas?

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