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Free Lunches, Small Business Marketing, And You

You’ve probably seen or heard the commercial. You know the one about how easy it is to create a business website?

You just pick a template, upload some pictures and BAM!--just like that--your customers will find you everywhere.

Instead of worrying about marketing your products and services, you can just ride off into the sunset while you get rich. (insert “no such thing as a free lunch” reference here). 

What they don’t tell you is that there are lots and lots of small businesses with lots and lots of websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter profiles.

With thousands and thousands of businesses already online and thousands more being added every day, just “having” a digital presence is no longer enough.

If you’re going to stand out from the crowd (and ultimately fill that cash register) you’re not only going to need a solid strategy, but you’re also going to have to commit to building your online presence each and every day. 

Recently I had a chance to talk about some of the common misperceptions and propaganda around small business marketing with members of the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce.

We looked at specific examples from a handful of businesses who are doing some amazing work online and offline to attract and engage with their audiences. We also explored specific strategies and tactics for identifying and articulating what makes a business and brand truly unique and memorable.



[Image: Flickr user Christopher Tassava]

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