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Free Tools To Grade Your Small Business Website


Looking for specific recommendations to improve your small business website without breaking the bank? If so, you’re in luck.

There are some free tools you can use to analyze your online storefront and determine if your site is optimized for search engines, user friendly, and firing on all cylinders.

All you have to do is enter your url and within seconds, you have a detailed and comprehensive report that evaluates how well you’re doing.

Best of all, you also get instant and actionable online marketing advice—taking the guesswork out of how well your site is actually performing.

Here are my 2 favorite free website graders for small businessess...

Shopify’s Ecommerce Store Grader

Shopify ecommerce store grader

Built specifically for ecommerce, Shopify’s Store Grader examines four critical areas of your website: search engine optimization, store usability, social media presence, and technical.

Of course you can’t talk about grades without incorporating actual letter grades.  Shopify assigns an overall score based on how well your website stacks up. From there, they provide a detailed breakdown of how well your site performed in each category.

What I like most:

  • Ecommerce-focused
  • Detailed results broken down by successes and failures
  • Incredibly easy to use and understand
  • Free

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

HubSpot marketing grader online marketing tool

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your online marketing by looking at a number of factors including: blogging, social media activity, SEO, lead generation, and mobile responsiveness.

Similar to Shopify, Marketing Grader assigns an overall score using a scale of 1-100. You can then click on each category to see how you’re doing as well as access helpful checklists.

What I like most:

  • Overall focus on lead generation and helping you improve your sales pipeline
  • Customized, marketing-focused action items
  • Incredibly easy to use and understand
  • Free

Grading Your Small Business Website

Shopify’s Store Grader and HubSpot’s Marketing Grader can both be very effective tools for identifying specific ways to improve your small business website.

However, before you go out and completely overhaul your site based on their results, make sure you carefully review each recommendation to make sure it’s right for your specific business, your online marketing strategy, and your customers.

As with any free tool, if you only come away with one new actionable insight that you can use that’s definitely well worth the time and effort. Plus, you just can’t beat the price!  

How are you evaluating the success of your website?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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