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Fresh Source For Free Stock Photos For Business Bloggers

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When you think “stock photography” what’s the first that comes to mind?

For me, it’s either professional models with perfect teeth smiling at a blank computer screen or a hefty price tag (or both). If you’re a small business owner looking for just the right images to incorporate into your blog you can literally spend all day just trying to find something that 1) doesn’t totally suck and 2) isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.

As a business blogger, I know it’s one of my biggest frustrations.

So you can only image my excitement when I saw an article about a startup that’s hell bent on ridding the world of bad stock photography.

They’re called Death to the Stock Photo (their dislike of bad stock photography is right in their name) and they want to provide photos and images people will actually want to look at.

Did I mention they’re also free?

Give me a minute. The room’s spinning. Seriously? I might have to sit down. If you’ve ever searched Flickr or some of the other sites out there to find photos for commercial use, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. The idea that there might be another alternative has me super excited.

I’d definitely recommend Death to the Stock Photo for small business owners looking for fresh images. All you need to do is visit their website and enter your email. Once a month, they’ll send a new batch of photos directly to your inbox.

I just received a new collection today and I’m totally loving what I see so far.

Here are just a few examples...

home office stock photo home office stock photo laptop mouse I’ve already used one of their photos on my blog. Check it out.

I think a local restaurant owner summed up Death to the Stock Photo best in a LinkedIn comment “Holy crap, Shawn Graham! This is great!”

Holy crap is right!


[Images: Death to the Stock Photo]

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