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New FedEx Office More Small Business Friendly

FedEx Office remodel

A few months ago, I ran into my local FedEx Kinko’s only to find myself in the middle of a major construction zone complete with guys on ladders, missing ceiling tile, and torn up carpet—a total mess and totally disruptive for business.

Smash cut to today. FedEx Kinko’s is now FedEx Office. Rebranding and remodeling are complete and, I have to say, I really like what they’ve done with the place and think the remodel makes the store much more small business friendly. 

The first thing I noticed was new laminate flooring that helps to create a welcoming, clearly defined path straight from the front door to the service counter (think airport runway)—a great example of using flooring (and your floor plan) to influence customer flow.

Throughout the store, they also used paint schemes that not only add some punch to what had been overly drab “institutional beige” walls but also help small business customers quickly navigate the store based on their needs (shipping, signage, copying, etc.).

Along the perimeter near their large outside windows, they created individual work stations where you can either connect your laptop or rent time on one of theirs to print or scan documents—a nice touch and a useful work space for entrepreneurs on the go.

Beyond the major remodel, they’ve also added a few new features including a smartphone app that allows you to print to many FedEx Office locations—definitely something that could come in handy when you’re traveling.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re not at the point where you can justify buying a fancy “all in one” laser printer, or you’re an entrepreneur looking for a little space to set up camp in a pinch, you might want to check out your local FedEx Office.

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