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The 5 Hour Author? New Service Turns Blogs Into Books

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What if you could turn your old blog posts into books in as little as five hours without having to write any new content. Sound too good to be true? You might want to think again. With the launch of their new “Blog to Book” service, Hyperink aims to help bloggers create short, beautiful books from their existing content.

The process starts by assessing demand. Hyperink uses social sharing and search data to identify potential book topics consumers will actually want to buy. Once selected, you’re assigned an editor who pinpoints your most popular posts based on comments, shares, etc. and shapes your content to give it more of a narrative structure. From there, they create a book in PDF, epub, and mobi formats that then gets published to Hyperink’s marketplace, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo. You can then promote the book on your site using a widget they provide and excerpts which help to drive search-driven discovery of your content.

Compared to traditional publishing, the “Blog to Book” process is lightning fast –3-4 weeks on average. Bloggers are welcome to put in as little or as much time in the project as they want but, in most cases, the typical time commitment is 5-10 hours from start to finish.

Once your book hits the virtual shelves, you can receive up to 50% in royalties. With no upfront fees, Hyperink makes their money when you sell books -- that means they’re more likely to be personally invested in your success…and that’s always a good thing.

What about you?

Have you read one of Hyperink's titles? Are you considering converting your small business blog into a book? If so, share your thoughts and reactions below.


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