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The Biggest Thing To Happen To Business Cards Since…Well, Forever! NFC Business Cards

When it comes to business development and relationship building, there are few things that are more important than business cards.

They are a tangible manifestation of your small business brand. On one tiny slip of paper, you can provide information about your offerings, share your contact information, and make an immediate and lasting impression.

But, as important as they are, they’ve still been missing one key ingredient—the ability to seamlessly connect to the digital world in which we live.

I recently wrote about some of the apps and online platforms that were predicted to be the end of business cards and why they haven’t been successful. In a nut shell, the one thing they’ve all lacked is the ability to quickly and easily exchange information without worrying about networking connections or platform compatibility. That is, until now.

Enter one tiny NFC microchip

Last week, MOO announced the launch of a new line of business cards that will include a tiny NFC (Near Field Communication) microchip. When they’re touched to a smartphone, the chip will ask the phone to do something and you get to decide just what that is.

You can link to pretty much anything under the sun: your contact information, websites, discounts, online portfolios, business hours, maps, your social networks.

And “BAM!” just like that your contact information is immediately added to their address book. No more waiting for your smartphone to focus in on a QR code, running home to force feed a stack of cards into a card reader, or throwing them in your desk never to be seen or heard from again.

Moving beyond QR codes

Although QR codes have never been able to live up to all of the hype and continue to die a slow death, that doesn’t mean there’s any less of a demand for solutions that will allow us to bridge our physical and virtual worlds.

What I like most about MOO’s concept is that it incorporates some really cool and powerful technology into the traditional business card form and design with which we are all familiar.

Instead of trying to go “all digital” like many others in the past, they’ve created a hybrid solution that works great for face-to-face networking and for staying connected after the fact.

Will MOO’s NFC design be the best thing to happen to business cards since…forever? I definitely like the direction they’re heading! You can learn more about them (including the technology) and sign up for email updates here.

How would you use NFC business cards to better connect with your customers?

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