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The Devil’s in the Dirty Mini Blinds

Your business is growing and you feel like it’s time to expand. You’ve wanted to upgrade your modest customer waiting area for some time and now you’re at the point where it makes sense to invest in a major renovation. You spend hours planning out every possible detail…

Laminate hardwood floors? Check.

Flat panel tv? Check.

Comfortable seating area? Check.

Fancy Keurig coffee maker? Check.

Dirty and well-worn preexisting mini blinds? Double check??

Wait. How did those dirty mini blinds get included in the renovation? Remember the hours of planning? The investment in new flooring? Fancy seats? The Keurig coffee maker? But somehow, the plan didn’t include removing, cleaning, or replacing the blinds? How could that happen? It’s anybody’s guess. How can you keep it from happening? Well, that’s fairly easy.

As you plan out and finalize your renovations, always look at everything with a fresh set of eyes—ideally those of your customers. And once all of the construction is complete, find the time to go over everything one last time. After all, you don’t want dirty well-worn preexisting mini blinds to take away from all of the great improvements you made to enhance the in-store experience of your customers, do you?

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