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Top 7 Most Popular Stories For The Week That Was

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Another Monday is officially upon us. To help get things started, let’s take a look back at the posts you read, shared and commented on for the week that was on the Creative Combustion blog.

How much would you be willing to pay for an extra hour in your work day? The stories include survey results from eVoice on the small business balancing act, the benefits of embracing customer feedback, tips and tricks for creating logos that don’t suck, and the problem with public relations and what you can do about it to generate buzz for your small business.

  1. Marketing Your Small Business While Wearing Multiple Hats. Survey results from eVoice on the most difficult aspects of owning a small business including the dollar amount business owners would be willing to pay for one more productive hour in their day. 
  2. Customer Feedback Is Unavoidable. So Why Avoid It?. A look at how one company has been able to build better products and services by putting their community of customers at the core of their business.
  3. Creating A Logo That Doesn’t Suck. Just because you can design your own logo doesn’t mean you should. Tips and tools for creating a crisp and professional looking logo for your small business that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  4. 10 Benefits Of Having A Small Business Blog. Want to drive more eyeballs to your site? Blogging might be just what the doctor ordered. 
  5. The Problem With Public Relations. If you want to generate buzz for your small business, you can’t just throw a barrage of generic press releases against the wall and see which one stick—you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. This post shows you how.
  6. How To Create An Email Marketing Plan Of Attack. A step-by-step guide for creating email marketing campaigns for your small business.
  7. How to Design a Killer Business Card. If you want to make a big splash, homemade business cards probably aren’t going to cut it. Check out this post for tips on what makes for a great design. 

What about you?

What are some of the hot stories you're going to be following this week?

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