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Top 7 Most Popular Stories For The Week That Was

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Now that the "super Moon," Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Kentucky Derby, and Pittsburgh Marathon are all officially behind us, it’s time to get back to business.

To help start the week off right, let’s take a look back at the posts you read, shared and commented on for the week that was on the Creative Combustion blog.

Is it time to finally say goodbye to the traditional business card? Popular stories include a look at the past, present and future of those tiny slips of paper that have become a staple of face-to-face networking, a new service offering from Hyperink that turns blogs into books in no time flat, and everything you need to know to create a killer business card.

  1. Are Business Cards Doomed For Extinction? Although a bevy of apps and online platforms have tried to provide us with a high-tech alternative for exchanging our contact information, low-tech business cards are still going strong. This post takes a look at why they work so well and why they should be a key part of your marketing and brand strategy.
  2. The 5 Hour Author? New Service Turn Blogs Into Books. Last week, Hyperink announced the launch of their new “Blog to Book” platform which converts past blog posts into a shiny new eBook in as little as five hours. If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for a way to turn your content into a passive income stream, you’ll definitely want to check this out.
  3. Marketing Your Small Business While Wearing Multiple Hats. One of the good things about owning a small business is having a chance to wear multiple hats. Of course that’s also the bad thing. A recent survey from eVoice provides insights into the small business balancing act including what respondents would be willing to pay to add one extra productive hour to their day—the dollar amount might surprise you.
  4. 10 Benefits Of Having A Small Business Blog. Is starting a blog really worth all of the time and effort? If you’re asking yourself the question, this post is definitely for you.
  5. Study Reveals Gen-Y Prefers Working for Startups. A study conducted by Millennial Branding and Identified, Inc. found only 7% of Gen-Y (ages 18 to 29) currently work for Fortune 500 companies. Review the rest of the results, including their “Top 10 Industries and Employers.”
  6. Customer Feedback Is Unavoidable. So Why Avoid It? Small businesses often spend all of their time trying to win over new customers instead of using feedback to identify strategies to help them keep the customers they already have. This post takes a look at some of the many benefits of embracing customer feedback.
  7. How to Design a Killer Business Card. When it comes to cutting corners to save a little jingle money, business cards are definitely one area where you don’t want to skimp. Check out this post for tips on what makes for a great design.

What about you?

What are some of the hot stories you're going to be following this week?

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