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Using Twitter To Generate Leads And Drive Engagement

nowait tweet to eat twitter marketing campaign

Looking for a creative way to leverage Twitter to generate leads and connect with your followers?

NoWait, creators of a really cool App designed to help eliminate long waits at popular restaurants, asked their Twitter followers to recommend those they think could use their queue management and mobile marketing solution. As part of their  “Tweet to Eat” sweepstakes, participants also have the chance to win a $50 restaurant gift card for their efforts.

If you’re a small business owner and you’ve been thinking about using social media to help generate leads and drive engagement, there are definitely a few key takeaways from their campaign you should consider.

  1. Harness the power of the crowd. By asking their followers for leads, they’re not only engaging them in dialogue but they’re also expanding their universe of potential clients.
  2. Keep your signup as simple as possible. Think about the information you absolutely can’t live without and don’t ask for one thing more. In this case, they require the restaurant name, city and state and your name and email. That’s it.
  3. Include an incentive. Everybody likes a chance to be rewarded for their efforts. With the NoWait sweepstakes, participants have a chance to win a gift card to a restaurant—bound to appeal to their followership which I’m sure is comprised mainly of passionate foodies.
  4. Encourage social sharing. Once participants submit their recommendation, their suggestion is then tweeted with the hashtag tweettoeat. Not only are they engaging their followers in dialogue and gaining new leads, they’re using Twitter to help spread the word to others.

NoWait has been able to use Twitter to generate leads and engage with their audience. Their “Tweet to Eat” campaign launched yesterday and so far it looks like they’ve received quite a few suggestions—many of which I’m sure weren’t previously on their radar.

But this is just one example. Who else would you include? Are there any strategies you’d add to the list above?

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