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Why Small Businesses Should Go Through The Motions

Going through the motions baseball pitcher

When did the phrase “going through the motions” get such a bad rap? Whether we’re talking about some guy named Jim from accounting or Aunt Helen who is two weeks away from retirement, any time we feel like they’re not giving 110%, we quickly discount their efforts by saying “they’re just going through the motions.”

Relief pitchers do it all the time in baseball. They go through the motions as they warm up in the bullpen and when they throw a handful of pitches once they take the mound. Part of it is staying loose. But part of it is also getting mentally ready as they prepare to take center stage. Bullpens serve their purpose, but they’re still no substitute for actually standing on the mound—in front of the crowd—when the game is on the line.  And so they go through the motions. Just not like Jim from accounting. Or Aunt Helen.

Whether you’re trying to sell a product to a potential customer, hoping to find some time to update your small business social media profiles, or you’re getting ready to deliver a presentation to a few hundred people, going through the motions definitely has its benefits. In fact, it can pay HUGE dividends.

Going through the motions requires a routine.

If you start to update your social media profiles every Tuesday and Thursday, over time it will almost become second nature. With so many small businesses struggling with finding enough time to keep up with the day-to-day, having a routine can really help to boost productivity by allowing you to make the most of your time.

Going through the motions implies momentum.

Without motion, you can’t move forward. At least I think that’s what they taught me in my high school physics class. But, Newton’s First Law of Motion aside, there are definitely certain times when you want to go through the motions. You want to call upon that routine. You want to keep moving forward. After all, that’s always better than the alternative.

Going through the motions helps get your mind right.

With repetition comes the chance to start to visualize where you are and where you want to go. You’re better able to get mentally ready to deliver that big presentation, close the deal with that prospective customer, or throw that fastball across the plate. It’s all about having the right perspective.

Now go and make something happen!

Don’t be like Jim from accounting or Aunt Helen. Think about how going through the motions can help you free up some time so you can start working on your small business instead of spending every waking hour working for your business. 


[Image: Flickr user Ian Sane]

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