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Client Success Stories


Value. For us it’s more than just some fancy business school buzz word. It’s a guiding principal for every engagement.

From day one, we work closely with companies to deliver real results without the added expense of a full-time employee.

Here is a small snapshot of how we have been able to add value by helping clients reach their goals, maximize ROI, and grow their businesses.



Located in a historic urban barn in Pittsburgh’s east end that dates back to the 1880s, PointBreezeway is an events venue that specializes in hosting quaint gatherings including baby and bridal showers, weddings, workshops and company retreats, and holiday parties.

As they planned for the coming year, they were looking for help increasing brand awareness, driving more website traffic, and increasing/better diversifying event bookings.


  • Capture Value Proposition. Review feedback from previous clients and benchmark against key competitors to identify points of differentiation/themes.
  • Refine Messaging and Positioning. Create new content for website and sales documents that clearly and consistently articulates PointBreezeway’s unique value proposition for each target audience. Update event packaging details to communicate value.
  • Optimize Site for Search Engines. Perform keyword research and incorporate target keywords and phrases into page titles, header tags, and existing content.
  • Increase Qualified Leads. Create targeted calls-to-action based on where prospective clients are in the decision making process.
  • Reporting. Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track performance against goals and optimize performance in search results.


3x event books compared to same month the year prior
27,440% average increase in organic search traffic
1,829% more pageviews and 1,524 unique pageviews; Decrease in bounce rate of 60% and exit percentage by 66%

“I had a truly wonderful experience working with Shawn. He is beyond professional and quick to turn around quality feedback and work. His ability to understand my business on the first day we met was so impressive. The tailored Marketing Project recommendations that he prepared continue to be so helpful. Our road does not end here. I know that Shawn will be able to guide PointBreezeway through many stages of marketing and growth.”




Iagnosis provides innovative B2B and B2C dermatology solutions designed to enable internet-based diagnosis and increased access to skin care professionals for patients, hospitals and large dermatology practices. Their flagship product, DermatologistOnCall, allows patients to receive Dermatology care from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, drastically reducing wait times.

They were looking for help increasing website traffic and maximizing conversions.


  • Benchmark against key competitors. Perform an in-depth analysis of Iagnosis’ marketing efforts including both their B2B and B2C-facing websites and social media marketing, recommending specific strategies and tactics for improvement.
  • Increase website conversion rate. Refine content, incorporate targeted calls-to-action, craft unique meta descriptions, and use A/B testing to increase conversions.
  • Leverage on-page optimization best practices. Develop keyword-rich headings for core pages, optimize title tags to make content easier to navigate for site visitors and search engines, refine content to better reflect Iagnosis’ unique value proposition, add internal links to activate relevant content, and fix website page errors.
  • Boost paid advertising. Create ad copy and identify targeted keywords for Google AdWords campaigns. Launch remarketing campaign to get people back to the website.  
  • On-site consulting. Worked directly with marketing manager to develop/refine email marketing campaigns and supporting materials; helped implement digital marketing recommendations.
  • Reporting. Regularly reviewed progress against goals with VP of Marketing and CEO.


  • 40% average increase in organic search traffic
  • 49% increase in new accounts     
  • 22% more pageviews and 20% more unique pageviews; Decrease in bounce rate of 13% and exit percentage by 21%
  • Grew conversions from Google AdWords from 0 the previous year to a level that surpassed client expectations

Shawn Graham has made an impact on our business. His insight and knowledge has helped us to achieve results.”




Internet of Things company specializing in making it simple and cost-effective to Internet-enable devices and products for manufacturers, professionals and casual users (hobbyists). Founded in 2008 in Boston, MA, their platform is an end-to-end solution connecting users with environmental data collected by sensors, controlling devices via the Internet, and building projects, products and services. Their customizable technology allows for rapid integration into professional applications.

They wanted to create a unique story that would capture the attention of venture capitalists and companies, gain exposure in targeted industry publications and media outlets, and increase the number of requests from prospective customers for their IoT Evaluation Kit. 


  • Perform comprehensive audit of marketing and social media strategies. Review website and all social media channels to identify opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness.  
  • Refine core messaging and value proposition. Work with senior leadership team to identify key points of differentiation as well as points of parity in the Internet of Things sector and clearly articulate the company’s unique value proposition. Create content for website “home,” “about us,” and “product” pages.
  • Develop targeted public relations campaign. Craft talking points for CEO and press release content about a major licensing agreement.     
  • Increase lead generation. Partner with company’s designer to improve website UX and UI and incorporate targeted calls-to-action focused on IoT Evaluation Kit requests. 


  • Secured placement in relevant industry publications including Electric Light & Power, Electrical Business, Smart Grid Electronics, and Connected World.
  • Increased brand awareness with venture capital firms and companies by helping senior leadership team tell their unique story and focus on what resonates with their target audience.
  • Significantly increased lead generation/requests for the IoT Evaluation Kit using targeted calls-to-action and messaging.

Shawn is an invaluable asset to my company and extension of our team when we are crafting a message for our website, blog, or the press. He works quickly, he’s flexible, and his writing is crisp and with sticky meaning.”


Pump Peelz


Founded in 2011, is an online diabetic accessories retailer that provides a fun and engaging product for consumers.

Pump Peelz was looking for specific strategies to drive traffic to their ecommerce website and increase the conversion rate for online orders. 


  • Perform in-depth marketing analysis. Review top three competitors and internal marketing efforts to identify specific strategies and tactics to drive improvement.
  • Optimize website for online visibility. Develop keyword-rich headings targeted specifically towards the Pump Peelz audience that help boost search traffic and make content easier to read and navigate for visitors. Optimize meta descriptions to help improve click-through rate. 
  • Implement content marketing strategy. Refine and communicate Pump Peelz’ mission, strategic vision, and the story behind their business to potential customers. Create detailed product descriptions that highlight unique selling features as well as easy returns and exchanges to help increase the number of products added to the shopping cart.


  • 79% increase in organic search traffic
  • 84% increase in sales in 4 months
  • 6% increase in abandoned checkout recovery
  • 56% increase in email marketing click rate over previous list average
  • 61% more pageviews and 59% more unique pageviews; Decrease in bounce rate of 11% and exit percentage by 6%

“Once we started growing I needed help with a strategic direction for the brand. I went to Shawn to understand our SEO, marketing strategy, and web presence. Within three months of working with Shawn our sales tripled. It has been an incredible experience and I'm already working with Shawn on my next venture.”


Kennon Insurance Consultants


Kennon Insurance Consultants, Inc. helps small businesses, individuals, and Medicare recipients with their health insurance and related benefits. Founded in 1974, the firm is family-owned and operated which has allowed them to develop deep and long-standing relationships in the local community.

Anticipating significant changes resulting from Health Care Reform legislation, Kennon Insurance Consultants wanted to significantly increase their online presence and position their website as a go-to resource for information on health insurance and related benefits in the Pittsburgh region. 


  • Boost online visibility. Develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy designed to increase online visibility and generate awareness of health insurance services as well as changes resulting from Health Care Reform.
  • Drive social media and marketing engagement. Identify best practices and strategies to reach Kennon Insurance's target audience using a combination of blogging, social media, events, etc.
  • Increase website conversion rate. Refine existing website copy and create unique calls to action based on individual page content and marketing goals.


  • 1700% increase in organic search traffic
  • Significant increase in new leads generated from website that surpassed client expectations
  • 573% more pageviews and 415% more unique pageviews; Decrease in bounce rate of 49% and exit percentage by 63%

“Shawn Graham helped us with so much more than just building our new website. Shawn became an expert in our field, developing our online marketing strategy and helping us refine all of our content. Shawn also provided ongoing support to ensure our launch went off without a hitch. We now not only have a great website, but a marketer of our product and a great partner in networking!”




Shoefitr creates software that shows online shoe shoppers how shoes will fit, recommending the best fitting size based on consumer fit data from more than 300,000 3D product scans. Launched in 2010, Shoefitr has now grown to service some of the largest footwear retailers and brands in the world including Nordstrom, Cole Haan, and Puma.

As Shoefitr started to grow its business from a small startup to a revenue generating company, they needed to market to executives of large corporations in the ecommerce space and establish the company's reputation as an industry leader.


  • Implement website optimization best practices. Identify specific recommendations for increasing leads and interactions with consumers, retailers, and brands.
  • Secure media mentions. Create a public relations strategy to secure mentions from national and global media outlets, trade publications, industry analysts, and relevant bloggers.
  • Drive social media engagement. Identify content that showcases Shoefitr's unique value proposition and drives engagement.

“Shoefitr was started by 3 engineers with no marketing experience. When we first started working with Shawn we had 20 clients and have since grown to over 50 clients worldwide. Our growth and reputation as industry experts are due in part to the marketing and public relations strategies Shawn helped us develop.”


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